Just a short post today for World Mental Health Day. I’ve been seeing so many posts about it on social media and have absolutely loved how people are talking, sharing their experiences and supporting one another.

I’d just like to put down a few short points about my experiences and interactions with issues with mental health:

  • Mental health issues run in my family. There is a history of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder with close and distant relatives
  • I’ve had a number of bouts of depression, most recently at the end of last year
  • This year I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder by a psychiatrist. Going to that psychiatrist was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.
  • I’ve been taking SSRI medication for both issues since the start of the year and they have worked phenomenally well (with the exception of a few side effects)
  • I’ve also been seeing a therapist (psychologist) once a week for the past year. Therapy has changed my life in ways I will never be able to describe
  • I’ve been fortunate to have the family support and money to be able to afford these treatments. Looking after your mental health does not come cheap
  • My masters dissertation is on depression, and from my research it is disproportionately women and people in low income brackets that are suffer from mental health issues, particularly in South Africa. It’s something that needs to be placed as a critical component of our development plan

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, listened to me or helped me with issues of mental health. If you’re reading this and feel like you’ve experienced mental health issues, but haven’t spoken to anyone before, please ether send me a message or confide in a friend or professional

Image was taken at the UCT GSB this afternoon 🙂

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