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About Me

A brief background

Hi, I'm Rowan!

Welcome! Below you'll find a brief description of my work and a link to my CV. My social pages and contact details are listed after that. At the bottom of the page you'll find my recent blog posts.

What do I do?
My work spans several areas including social entrepreneurship, economic development, strategy, community safety, behavioural economics, management studies and innovative finance. At the core of these interests lies my main motivation: to explore pressing problems and develop solutions in order to positively impact society.

Some of my current projects include lecturing business strategy at the University of Cape Town, building SMEgo, a fintech platform for small businesses, and working on the University of Oxfords Map the System programme with the Bertha Centre. I'm a co-founder and non-executive director at Loadalot, an AI-driven moving company that I co-founded in 2016, and Phaphama, a small enterprise development programme based in Cape Town.

I hold a Master's Degree in Economic Development, a Bachelor of Business Science in Management Studies, majoring in Finance, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting, with a minor in Economics, all from the University of Cape Town.

Curriculum Vitae
If you'd like to find out a little more, you can access my LinkedIn profile here

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Musings and thoughts

Be an asshole

It’s a counter intuitive piece of advice. “Be an asshole” sounds like you’re telling someone to be mean or hurtful. It feels like a move that might impact their reputation or affect their work. But this advice resonated with me deeply today. Why? Well, in my professional life, my default setting is to help wherever […]

Hang on to the light

Life has become more complex and difficult by an order of magnitude over the last year. And I can’t tell whether it’s just because of the pandemic, or because it’s of the passage into the middle part of my life. It’s likely that the answer is that it’s both. It’s left me with a constant […]

A whole new world

The last time I wrote on this blog, the world was a little different. I was in Joburg with my partner and family. We were at the Gauteng champs, watching my little brother row and the Springboks win in Japan. There was plenty of social contact, freely available alcohol and space to travel around the […]

Create your own space

As children we are given vast amounts of our own space. We have break time between classes, we get school holidays and we get plenty of time to do physical activities. These are all just a part of our schooling system, but they still allow us to get our own space fairly regularly However, this […]

Thesis and Thank Yous

Last week I finally got my thesis results, which included some phenomenal feedback from highly regarded academics. And today I submitted my final thesis, with corrections, to the UCT library, which means that it’s officially a wrap for my MCom in Economic Development. I will be graduating in December 🙂 I wouldn’t have made it […]

And life goes on

In April 2016 I had a week where my life seemed to fall apart. So many bad things happened to me in quick succession that it was difficult to keep track of them all. I was overwhelmed and scared and anxious. I handled this by shutting out the world. I hid in my bed. I […]