For anyone tuning in to my webinar today, here is the list of resources. Below you’ll find the slides I’m using as well as all of the various organisations and tools I refer to. (I’ll update this post with more info after the webinar)

The direct link to the stream can be found here:

The topic for the webinar is  “Strategic Thinking: Solving Global Challenges” and will cover some of the most important strategy tools that I teach at the University of Cape Town, applied in a global development context.

Slides for the webinar

If you’d like a copy of my slides, follow the link below:

Part 1: Defining Strategy

  • Battle of Isandlwana:

Part 2: Rumelt Framework

  • Good Strategy/Bad Strategy:
  • Bulungula incubator:

Part 3: Strategy Tools 

  • Map the system:
  • Theory of Change:
  • The Clothing Bank:

About Global Changemakers

A big thank you to Courtney and the team who have put this together. Details about Global Changemakers are below 

Global Changmakers is one of the world’s largest youth empowerment organisations headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland and represented in over 180 countries – from refugee camps in Europe to sprawling cities in Asia, indigenous communities in South America, islands in the Pacific and beyond – by 1000 of our ‘Global Changemakers’. These changemakers are young people who work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their communities, countries, regions and across the world and whose work has benefited over 4 million people to date.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates and info on their work. 

Image is intro slide for the webinar

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