My iPhone smashed today. I was sleepily making my morning coffee when I bumped it off the counter. It landed on the corner and, despite having a cover, it smashed into tiny fragments.

I’d fished this phone out of my cupboard after the robbery and, although it has been a little slow, it’s been great. But now it had turned into a little glass kaleidoscope. And it had completely lost touch sensitivity.

I picked it up, gave it as test and realised that I needed to replace the screen.

It technically went against all the plans I had for the day.

But I grabbed my diary and added it on to the to-do list. I shuffled my plans slightly and, next thing, everything fitted.

Into your stride

Once the phone had been broken, being angry at myself would have accomplished close to nothing. I’ve experienced this sort of admin before and it is hardly a blip on the radar now.

I’ve come to realise that you can expect these sort of things to happen at least once a year. One theft, one device breakage, one important document being lost, one car accident. And so this is part of every day life.

I got my phone fixed at weFix and returned by 4pm. It now works like new 🙂

P.s. I had the most incredible experience with my insurance \but I’ll save that for the Friday Shoutout 😉 🍍 

Images is of my broken phone this morning. It shattered completely. It no longer looks like this though 🙂

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