The day I got my sunglasses I knew I’d lose or break them. I didn’t know when. I didn’t know how. But I knew I had a limited time with them.

I looked after them as best I could. I always put them in their case. And I usually only wore them while driving.

But today they fell out of my pocket in a frantic moment, and when I went back they were gone. I asked the security guards if they had seen them and left my number with them just in case.

I was sad that I’d lost them. But I remembered that I knew I’d lose them. And it was a miracle that I’d had them for almost a year.

So I acknowledged they were lost. And then went on to have an amazing day.

Moving on swiftly

In a situation like this, there was nothing I could do to bring back the sunglasses. No amount of being bleak would get them to re-appear. And going forward, thinking about them would only taint my day.

So I chose to move along swiftly. And had the most magnificent day touring Cape Town with family. We had two amazing meals, got blown away (literally) at Cape Point, got chased by penguins and had a beautiful drive home.

If you can’t recover the sunk cost, there’s no reason to mope over it.


So I actually managed to lose my regular glasses as well today. While I was walking up to Cape point the wind literally blew my glasses off my face and into a bush. We spent 20min looking for them and were luckily enough to find them. In this case, there was no reason to move along swiftly. There was still a chance to recover the glasses, and we managed to do just that.

Image was taken today above the Bo Kaap, with our happy little tour group 🙂

Song of the day: Piu bella cosa - Eros Ramazzotti
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