This morning I put on a blue v-neck shirt that I’ve been wearing for years. It’s always been just the right size. But today it felt tight. Really tight. And in my semi-conscious pre-coffee state I decided that I had officially become fat.

It was on my mind the whole day. When I chose lunch, I decided to go for the healthy salad option. I didn’t have my usual mid morning snack. And I resolved to start running more.

While walking on the promenade this evening Jared was eyeing me out with suspicion. Clearly he had noticed I had gotten fat too.

“Is that my shirt?” he said.

It was

And it was 3 sizes smaller than my shirt.

And then we went and grabbed ice creams.

Stand up comedy

On an entirely different note, I’ve been contemplating doing stand up comedy for a while. I really enjoy telling stories and love the thrill of public speaking. So this evening I committed to doing a stand up comedy gig at some point this year. I’m going to try and find an open mic night or something and give it a go. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the second famous comedian by the name Rowan.

Image was taken post-ice cream. Holly, I know you’re reading this and I’m really sorry about the picture. You can shout at me next time you see me.

Song of the day: North End Nightlife - Headphone Activist
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