Two moments stood out for me today as being moments when I was fully present. The first was while sitting on the couch at home, staring out the window. I was immersed in the view of the fading orange hue over Devils Peak. Everything around me fell away and I sat with that scene entirely.

The second was, oddly, while I was washing dishes. I found a Headspace session on cleaning and gave it a try. With a little bit of guidance I was able to sink into the current moment. I experienced it fully, and stayed present with what I was doing.

These two moments are fairly ordinary. But my experience of them was altered by being mindful about what I was doing. And it brought a certain, simple joy.

From this experience, I know that my daily meditation is enhancing my ability to be in the moment. Which is just another reason to keep on doing it 🙂

Image was taken while trying to decide what veggies to buy for Sunday lunch. In the end, I settled on a roast chicken. It was much better than the vegetables

Song of the day: House of the rising sun - The Animals
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