A while ago I read a post by Tynan, one of my favourite bloggers, where he talked about his Bentley getting totalled. In it he describes how his constant training to maintain a positive outlook helped him see the good in the situation. He describes being happy his fiancé wasn’t hurt, glad that something bad can happen but he’s still okay, and pleased that he was able to remain calm.

It then turned out that the person didn’t have insurance, but he still outlines why he was positive about this (see the post, linked above, to see how).

Practising the upside

I was reminded of Tynan’s post today. I got to my car this morning and saw that someone had hit into it (as pictured above). My immediate gut reaction was anger and frustration. But I caught these feelings before they altered my mood and tried to picture Tynan’s reaction to the situation.

The thoughts that followed were all about the upside:

  • I can still drive the car, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get to my meeting in Stellenbosch.
  • The person left a note with their number. Therefore I could contact them and get their insurance details.
  • This note was still there (and readable), despite it raining the night before.
  • I now knew the procedure for dealing with an accident because I’d had one just the other day.
  • I hadn’t yet taken my car in for my previous accident. So now I could do both at the same time.
  • There would be something to write about in my blog today.

And just like that, an event that had the potential to ruin my whole day was turned into an array of positives. I’ve hardly worried about it at all. I’ll call the person tomorrow, get their details and sort it out at the same time as my other incident.

By managing my reaction, and seeing the upside, I was able to manage the situation and my emotions. In doing so, an event that I had no control over had no control over me. And the rest of the day proceeded as normal. In fact, it was a pretty great day.

Image is of the accident 🙂


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