Everyone has a to-do list of some form, even if it’s not written down. It can be a source of motivation but also a source of anxiety. And it’s almost impossible to ever finish a to do list, cause there is always more that can be added. It often feels like we’re never getting anywhere because of this. However, there’s a useful way of dealing with this feeling: a to-done list.

I know the name is quite cheesy. But I think it’s catch. So deal with it.

The point of the to-done list is to do the inverse of the to-do list. At the end of the day, you write out everything that you have accomplished that day.

It serves as a way of helping reflect on what has been achieved. And is an antidote to that persistent feeling of not having done enough.

Today I haven’t been able to get through all my to-do list stuff. But after writing up my to-done list, I realise that I’ve actually been quite productive. And I’m proud of that.

Image is of my to-done list for today with this blog post in the background. Kinda meta, I know.

Song of the day: Slow Magic - Wildfire (Mielo Remix)
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