A little while ago I wrote about how the internet allows us to have completely different tastes, particularly around music. You can be a fan of genres, artists or songs that close friends and peers have never even heard of.

So on that note, I’ve decided I’m going to share some of my favourite electronic artists that my close friends might never have heard of. There are many, but the top ones include:

  • Seven Lions
  • Said the Sky
  • Illenium
  • Griffyn
  • Mitis
  • BT
  • Roald Velden
  • Alex H
  • Mango┬á
  • Axis
  • Talamanca
  • Tritonal
  • Tycho
  • Above and Beyond

If you’ve got any artists or songs that none of your peers or friends know, feel free to leave them in the comments ­čÖé

Image is from my first ever electronic music/trance party, with Tritonal, in 2012

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Song of the day: Tritonal - Still with me (Seven Lions Remix)