The ease of access to all forms of media since internet has become widely available has had a really interesting impact on people’s interests and passions. 

For example, I do listen to quite a bit of mainstream music. But through exploring on 8tracks, Spotify and YouTube I’ve developed a music taste that is highly unique in my friend circles. I love a very specific sub-genre of prog house at the moment, and have also gone through phases of swingstep and chillhop.

One of my most interesting music phases was in 2014 when I became obsessed with Tuvan Throat Singing (see video below).

Nowadays, our influences aren’t limited to friends, family and mass media outlets. We can watch YouTube tutorials and pick up and entirely new hobby, or become a fan of a niche band from New Zealand.

We still all have a certain number of common interests and habits in our circles.

But the internet means that you can now develop interests and passions in pretty much any thing you want. And that’s pretty cool 🙂

Image was taken at Oudekraal this afternoon

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