My work style has always been one that thrives on deadlines. The kind where I have run out of time and am required to ramp up the speed rapidly in order to be done in time.

It means that I’m an expert at producing great work in a short period of time.

I once wrote an essay that got me invited to an international conference… in 3 hours.

The problem with ramping up at this pace is that it leads to rapid burnout and stalling. You get short bursts of speed and long periods of stagnation.

So over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to do things a little differently. I’ve been going alone steadily. In 1st gear.

It means that my work rate is slower. But I haven’t stalled completely in that time.

It’s a new pattern for me. I’m relearning that slow and steady often wins the race

Image is from the promenade yesterday evening 🙂

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