I’m not a morning person. And it’s probably because my regular bedtime is between 1 and 2am, making an early start near impossible. Also, most days I don’t need to be anywhere early, so I can afford to wake up between 8 and 10am.

But over the last two days I’ve gotten up earlier than usual. On Friday I did a sunrise hike of Lions head, and I left the house at around 4.30am to get there. It was surreal, the city was sleeping and the air hung with an early morning sweetness. In some ways it reminded me of road trips when I was a kid, when we’d leave way before sunrise to beat the traffic. I enjoyed every bit of the hike.

Today I woke up at 6.30 for a park run. It’s not early by most standards, but it was still different for me. The park run was a fail but the day was really great.

Still not a morning person

I don’t think these experiences will change the way I organize my current day to day life. My most productive times are usually in the evening. And blogging always takes much longer than expected. I also find that being up late means I can reply to people without getting replies in return. So that’s when I get back to all my messages from the day.

Revamping my routine is unlikely to happen soon. But I think I’ll begin making space for the odd early morning adventure, because they really can be special.

And maybe, one day, I’ll become a morning person.

Image is taken from the window of the flat I’m staying at in Greenpoint. Ironically, that billboard was put up on Thursday and so I’ve been up early every day that it’s been up 🌞

Thesis update: more data work. Though I feel like I may have ended up confusing myself a bit today :/

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