As mentioned two days ago, I’ve built two strong, successful habits over the past few months. I just passed 50 days of meditation and 100 days of blogging. So I’ve been pondering what my new habit is going to be.

In considering what I wanted to do, I decided the new habit had to incorporate the following:

  • Physical in nature i.e. some form of exercise
  • Focused on improving strength and flexibility
  • Easy to incorporate into schedule
    • Can be done any time of the day
    • Can be short if necessary
  • Inexpensive
  • Uninfluenced by external factors (e.g. rain or cold)
  • Enjoyable

After considering these (and taking some advice from my mother), I settled on daily yoga as my new habit.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant about yoga. The reason for this is that it feels like an activity that has been highly culturally appropriated. My immediate mental image of it is wealthy, suburban women (e.g. your constantia moms) doing yoga and then going for brunch at some trendy coffee shop (e.g. Tashas).

However, I’ve also realised that yoga allows me to achieve my physical goals while helping me continue my mindfulness goals. And so I’m going to give it a proper try.

I’ll be using an app called Yoga Studio, which allows for you to pick the duration, intensity and focus of your sessions. And my objective will be to use the app every day.

Some dimensions of the habit:

  • Sessions cannot be shorter than 15min
  • If I run more than 5km or cycle more than 10km in a day then I don’t have to do yoga
    • This includes any other major exercise. For example, if I go on a significant hike
  • Commitment devices
    • Making it public (to you, the reader)
    • Tracking the progress and having a streak
    • Buying Jared a R1000 bottle of whiskey if I miss a day in the first 50 days
    • An accountability buddy (still searching… let me know if you want to do the challenge with me)

I’m really excited about building a third big habit. I think this pattern is a great way of incorporating sustained improvements into my life.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve built any habits and if you’re planning on building any new ones 🙂

Image was taken at my consultancy’s office in Stellenbosch. 

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