In 2013 I joined an organisation that fundamentally changed my life. It was called Siyaya, and it aimed to help entrepreneurs from developing areas in Cape Town by partnering them with students from the university. I worked as a consultant that year and in 2014 was the vice president of the organisation. We then formed a new organisation as an NGO, so that fund raising would be easier. And the new organisation was called Phaphama

Phaphama is in it’s fourth year of operation now. They have trained many entrepreneurs and are expanding to new areas around Cape Town. Some info about them is as follows:

Phaphama Small Enterprise Development Initiative (S.E.D.I) in a Non-Profit Organisation that was established in 2014 by a group of students from the University of Cape Town (UCT), who are committed to promoting leadership, entrepreneurship and small enterprise development in communities in and around Cape Town. Phaphama runs a business development consulting programme in Khayelitsha. The programme runs over 7 months and consists of a series of business management skill sessions and business data collection and analysis. At present eighteen Khayelitsha-based businesses are selected annually to be a part of the project. The programme caters for a diverse array of meaningful local business ventures including, for example, Dlangakana Construction, Soulpix Photography and Lusanda Nail Salon to name a few.


Applications for Phaphama SEDI are open and close on Monday 26 February. If you join the organisation you’ll be involved in assisting entrepreneurs from Khayelitsha and Philipi with their strategies and business development. It is a fantastic opportunity to experience business in real life, use your position of privilege as UCT students to assist with economic development and to share and grow your networks. There may also be opportunities from non-UCT individuals to get involved

To apply send a cover letter and CV to by 26 February 2018. Contact me if you need more details


If you want to support Phaphama in other ways, you can do so by helping with funding. This goes towards providing transport for the consultants, organising sessions and other general operations. I’d encourage anyone who can donate to do so at this link.

If you’d like to contribute funding to them directly, please send me an email and let me know (


I’ll be joining the Board of Directors of Phaphama this year as a non-executive director. If you want to get in touch, even if it’s just to come and see what they’re up to or link them up to someone, let me know.

Wishing the committee, the consultants and the entrepreneurs all the best for 2018!

Image was taken in 2014 with Siyaya, which became Phaphama/ The entrepreneurs are pictured with certificates for completing the program.

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