I left high school just over six and a half years ago. Over that time I have had many amazing friends, but my friendship with my school friends still stands out as one of the most important. The group of five of us are incredibly close, and we are still a very central component to one another’s lives.

I discussed this last night with one of the team members over a whiskey and cigar on a balcony. We realized that our group has developed an unwavering culture of friendship, where we will make any sacrifice to see one another, no matter how small the window of time is. For example, I was in Joburg for one day last month and we managed to squeeze in a 7am breakfast just to see one another.

We also try to arrange a big trip for our group at least once a year. This year we rented a house in Wilderness for a week, next year we’re planning 10 days in Dullstroom and in 2019 we’re aiming to go to the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Our whatsapp group has been going since 2012, and is active almost every single day. We discuss everything from our work lives to sport, and will regularly use to vent or tell stories.

This resolve and commitment to our friendship has created a self sustaining culture that will transcend any changes in our individual lives. We’ll make time for each other whether we have families, change jobs or are on the other side of the world to one another.

Almost seven years out of school and we have grown and shaped our friendship into the most beautiful shared experience. With these four people, I can unashamedly be myself and know that they will always be there if I need them.

I cannot wait for all the spectacular years of friendship to come

Image is from Beau Constantia’s wine tasting room. Earlier this year, one of the friends was down from Joburg for work and suddenly some time free. Naturally, I stopped what I was doing and we met up and had a wonderful afternoon together