I chose my supervisor because I love the work that he does and the way that he thinks. Today I was reminded of that

I’ve spent much of my time in my thesis looking at my data. I’ve found correlations and relationships between a bunch of different variables.

I presented this to my supervisor, and over the course of an hour he brought my data to life. He helped me build causal pathways and understand how my information could be turned into knowledge.

What intrigued me more is how he kept emphasizing the story I needed to be telling. My thesis wasn’t just about dispensing facts. It was about weaving a narrative that drew literature and analysis together to form a complete story.

I’m feeling much more on track with my work now. And most importantly, more inspired. I can’t wait to complete it and share it with everyone.

Image is the reason I was able to get out of bed this morning. In the background is a plain croissant. In the foreground is a croissant cup filled with chocolate mouse and dark chocolate browmie bits. They’re from Jason’s. They were just as amazing as they look

Thesis update: great supervisor meeting 🙂

Blog 69/ 365.

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