Note: this post is a little sillier than usual. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

If my friends or myself ever get stupidly rich I really hope we do things differently. There may be some splurging on fancy things, some nice cars and pretty houses. That’s okay I guess. And we better be using the money for some development work and helping society.

But I also want to do some ridiculous things. For example, I’d love to buy a double decker ice cream truck like the one Ron Weasley bought.ย I’d kit it out with a massive sound system, places to sleep and a fully loaded stock of ice cream and drive it across America with a few friends.

Or we could set up a massive waffle morning in the middle of Cape Town and serve thousands upon thousands of waffles for free. Every man, woman and child would get a waffle to start their day right.

But there is something even more ridiculous that a few friends and I have been talking about. One of the things a normal rich person would do is buy a yacht. These yachts are fancy and pretty and classy. The biggest yacht you can get is a 222m superyacht that costs $1billion dollars. That’s a lot of money.

However, there is something that you could get that is bigger and much cheaper.

A container ship.

The Friend-Ship

We did some research and found that the biggest container ship you can get is the Maersk Tripple E-Class. This ship is 400m long and 59m wide. It is capable of carrying up to 18 000 containers at once.

It only costs $135million.

The idea would be to buy this ship and turn it into the most epic floating island in the world. Above board it would have a roller coaster, pools, a massive DJ stand, sports fields, bars, giant ball pits, a paintball range and a massive chocolate fountain (amongst other things). Below deck there would be capacity for 200-300 of my closest friends.

We’d spray it some offensive colour, like bright pink. And it would have giant confetti canons and fireworks for whenever we approached a harbour. Just to make sure people knew when we arrived.

I know it sounds impractical. Because it is. But it would also be so much more epic than what other rich people do. Plus, we could park up next to them in the middle of the mediterranean and make them feel insignificant with their tiny 50m yachts.

Doing ridiculous stuff, just because

I know our container ship may never come to life (which is a sad thought). But I think as I grow older and earn more money, I’d like to do epic stuff with it. There will come a point where I’ll have a house and a car and enough money to support myself (and whoever else might be around).

But I’d like to set some aside for the wild stuff. The epic stuff. And the stuff that would be ridiculous, but will also make the best story.

So….. who’s in?

Image was taken on the promenade this evening. We really want the ship in the picture. She has a certain majesty to her. Maybe one day

P.S. leave a comment with a ridiculous thing you would do if you had lots of money

Thesis update: spent day dreaming about ridiculous things to do with all the money I don't have
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