Sometimes I’m able to complete work in a sprint, running unhindered at top speed. Sometimes, my work pattern resembles a walk or light jog, a consistent pace that keeps your heart rate up but doesn’t tire you. But often, with more complex work, I’ll be wading.

When you’re wading through work, each step is slow and arduous. Gaining momentum is difficult and it takes much higher levels of focus. Progress is slow, and you can wade all day and feel like you’ve gone nowhere.

But the work that requires you to wade is the valuable work. It’s the stuff that one would normally shy away from. It requires concentration, determination and persistence. 

It might feel better to take on work that you can breeze through, and ignore the tough stuff. But it’s the wading work that is more worthwhile and helps you develop.

Get stuck in.

Image is of me and Jono wading into the Sedgefield lagoon, while fishing, on our 2015 friend vacation

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