On Friday we submitted the report we’ve been working on for the last 4 months. It was around 170 pages and contained 70 000 words. We’d worked until 3 in the morning, putting the finishing touches on the doc.

It was a really intense process, but it was really enjoyable and I was able to learn so much. And that’s mostly because of the amazing company that I do my work with, Nova Economics.

Nova Economics was founded by Kay Walsh three years ago as a niche economics and strategy consulting firm. She previously worked at Monitor Deloitte and RMB as a consultant and economist, and has done work from consulting to big government firms to small education NGOs.

The reason Nova (and Kay and Sam) are my Friday Shoutout is that I am so so lucky to have a work environment and colleagues like these. Here are just some of the things that make it so special:

  • Complete flexibility: we get to our work wherever and whenever we want. It could be in a coffee shop on a Tuesday morning or at 3am on a Thursday
  • Understanding of mental health: within our little team of three, we communicate openly about mental health issues. And there is a lot of space that’s allowed when things aren’t going so well
  • Lots of responsibility: at Nova we get work that is challenging and given significant amounts of responsibility. We’ve been given the chance to present at big meetings and hold important interviews.
  • Great learning: because we get given lots of responsibility, we’re able to learn a significant amount on a day to day basis.
  • Great pay: speaks for itself 😉
  • Wonderful chats and lunches: our discussions range from politics to economics, genetics to green industrial policy. And every lunch is spent in full conversation.
  • Awesome projects: I’ve worked on three projects so far. The first for a listed company in manufacturing. Then for a government agency doing work on beef genomics. And most recently for the provincial government on a green economic development project.

I’ve loved the work I’ve done with Nova. And my colleagues, Kay and Sam have been incredible.

So a shoutout to the team, thanks for being so awesome!

Image was taken at our work lunch on a wine estate in Stellies 🙂

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