While touring with the Swiss-German tourists this weekend, I pointed out some of the places and things I love the most. And at each place I proudly declared that THIS was my favourite.

Hout bay market? My favourite.

Kommetjie? Also my favourite.

Cape point? Again, my favourite.

Kalk Bay? You guessed it, my favourite

The tourists pointed out to me that almost every place we had been to had been my favourite. And it was true, I love all of those spots. 

I told them that I tend to do the same with friends. I have 10-15 people who I would proudly dub as my “best” friend.

I know that technically “favourite” and “best” technically refer to the number 1 spots. And that not everything can be number one. This isn’t lost on me.

But I use those terms to show significance. They are the people and places and things where I’m my best and favourite version of myself. They bring out my most joyous, relaxed and spontaneous me.

So if you ever here me call someone my “best” friend, or a place my “favourite”, just know that the value of the term isn’t diminished by overuse.

In fact, it means that they’re incredibly special to me. Cause they bring out the best version of me.

Image is of one of my favourite places in the world, Cape to Cuba, in Kalk Bay

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