It is easy to recognise and forgive the shortcomings in someone else. If a friend has a down day that means they can’t make it to an event, we are kind to them. If a colleague is struggling with work we might offer to help them. We realise that people have limitations and we are able to factor these in.

However, we are much harsher about our own limitations. If we miss a friends event because we are in a bad space, we’ll be angry at ourselves. If we are unable to complete work we tend to get frustrated or annoyed and direct this inward.

I know I do exactly this. I am much harder on myself than I am on anyone else in my world. And other people are nicer to me than I am to myself.

This speaks to the whole idea of being kind to yourself by providing the basis for it.

If it is true that other people have shortcomings, then you must have them to. And if you can be gentle with them about their flaws, you can be with yourself.

Being your own best friend

I’d already been thinking about this idea today, and coincidentally The School of Life uploaded this video describing a similar concept.

The main message in the video is simple: treat yourself as you would a friend. And in doing so, you will automatically become kinder, more understanding and more forgiving of your own flaws and shortcomings.

Image was taken outside our apartment today. The words are from the song Crazy by Lost Frequencies. 

Song of the day: Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
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