There are two things I want to say about momentum.

Firstly, Momentum is the name of a Google Chrome extension I’ve been using for the past few weeks. It takes the place of your new tab page and has some really great features such as:

  • A personalised greeting
  • A new, beautiful wallpaper every day
  • The local weather
  • An interesting daily quote
  • A single item to-do list that asks what the focus of your day will be

It’s a really simple add on, but I find the combination of daily content and personal focus motivates me when I open my laptop in the morning. You should give it a try.

Gathering momentum

Secondly, today was the first time I truly felt momentum in my work. I was able to achieve all my objectives for the day and I found a natural flow. This was the place I was hoping to get to when I gently started my thesis grind.

To be honest, I was a little worried then that I would start slowly and never really build up a sustainable speed. But through a kind and patient build up I’ve been able to foster a great space for work. And now I feel ready to take on the rest of the challenge.

Image was today’s featured picture on the Momentum extension. It’s called “Norway” and was taken by Jamie MacPherson

P.s. New blog feature is my song of the day. Check it out below


Song of the day: Lost Frequencies and Zonderling - Crazy
Thesis update: productive day, filled with flow
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