A few months ago I wrote a post about the story of the two wolves. The story goes that there is a battle of a good wolf and a bad wolf inside us, and the one that wins is the one that you feed. I’ve liked this story for many years, and used to emphasize backing the “good wolf”.

But a few months of psychotherapy and some soul searching has led me to a different conclusion.

It feels like there’s an ongoing battle. Between the good and the bad. What you should be doing and what you are doing. Work and procrastination.

But this isn’t a battle between two foes. It’s a tiff between two siblings. Two parts of the same family. Your good side and your bad side, your conscious and your subconscious. Two faces of the same coin.

By only backing the good wolf, you neglect one side of yourself that is in need of nurturing. You choose one brother over the other, which makes for an unhappy family.

You shouldn’t feed just one side. You should feed both.

Image is of a rainbow on Friday morning 🙂

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