As children we are given vast amounts of our own space. We have break time between classes, we get school holidays and we get plenty of time to do physical activities. These are all just a part of our schooling system, but they still allow us to get our own space fairly regularly

However, this changes drastically when you enter the working world. Your bosses, clients and colleagues will try and take as much from you as they’re possibly able to. Getting leave is difficult and limited, working over lunch/ in the evening is seen as heroic and getting exercise is seen as a luxury.

The problem then is that for the first 20 years of our life we are used to being given our own space. It happens whether we ask for it or not.

But once you leave the education system, there is no one that makes sure you get space. There is no mandatory leave or lunch breaks. Exercise isn’t built into your day.

And so we have to learn to ask for it. Learn that if we don’t fight for our space, then it will very quickly get taken away from us.

And naturally, this leads to fatigue and burnout.

So when you enter the working world, or even if you’re in it already, fight for your own space. Because unlike in school, no one is going to give it to you.

Image was taken at the Roodeplatt dam today during the Gauteng champs regatta

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