“You can’t help everyone Rowan”

I was chatting to my flatmate this evening when he said this to me. I’d been telling him about how I client was making a really poor decision. One that would cost them. But they weren’t going to change their minds and I found it immensely frustrating.

Objectively, I know it’s true. I can’t help everyone. But I still have a tendency to worry about things that I can’t change.

I try and help people as much as I can. And get annoyed when I’m not able to. And this annoyance can even manifest itself as guilt.

Out of control

I know that this is because I think that I have much more power than I have in reality. I believe that I am responsible for so much more than just myself

But there is so much that is out of my control.

And as much as it’s good to help people, we can’t help everyone. Try your best, but don’t let it impact you when you’re unable to help

Image is of the magnificent storm we had in Cape Town today.

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