As I’ve mentioned before, I draw a significant amount of inspiration from Seth Godin’s daily blogs (in fact, they’re the reason I started this blog). I wasn’t really sure what I was going to post today until he sent out his blog, where he acknowledged people who have had a significant contribution to his life over the year. So in the spirit of this, I’m going to write an appreciation post for the people who have played a specific role in my 2017.

Before I get into it, two quick points. The first is that this list is by no means exhaustive and I’m likely to accidentally forget people, so please bare this in mind! Secondly, I’m not going to post people’s full names, just in case they don’t want them out there. I’ll also be grouping people under categories in some instances so they’re more recognisable to people who know them 🙂

Now then, thank you to all of those listed below. You have helped me both survive the bad parts and really enjoy the good parts of this year. Thank you for helping me achieve what I have achieved and for being there to support me. Here goes (in no particular order):

Eddy, Mike, Jono, Nick, Jared, Steve, Kayleen, Louis, Charlotte, Sam, Tiisetso, Hana, Tsakane, Marc, Holly, Joe, Abi, Ahmed, Thabo, Jess, Suzie, Carla, Megan, Brian, Lauren, Chantelle, Non, Bridget, Tiang, Ndumi, Lindo, Zeenat, Brian, Emma, Sonya, Shelly, Cait, Chris  Family (Debbie, Lorenzo, Massimo, Lihor, Fabio), Overseas Family (including the Dunns, Sylvesters/Maddocks, Stebbings, Spazzolis), The Westons (Belinda, Ian, Simon and the extended Westons, Fairleys, Currys), Applied Management Squad (Dale, Alison, Nashly, Marlowe, Kuhle, Matt, Janine, Bukani, Lauren, Joyce, Aaron, Dorian, Nkosi, David and the other staff and the students, who are too many to name), Nova Economics (Kay), ATeam (Jess, Alex) Oxford Crew (Mei-Li, Harry), St Gallen People (Simone, Florian, Kanika, Lina, Edvard, Tamsin, Alban) The BYM Crew (including Julia, Nonnie, Elisabeth, Warren, Cindy, Grace, Courtney, Lidia, Letitia, Khaya, Kory, Thuli, Lunga and the rest) and anyone else I may have missed out

Thank you again for making this year so epic. I cannot wait for the year ahead, knowing that I have incredible people like you in my life.

Here’s hoping to an epic 2018

Image was taken a few days ago at the Mouille Point light house


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