The question I get asked most often by students wanting to build a business, create a blog or embark on a new career path is:

Where do I start?

Any one of these things are daunting because of their enormity. A business can take a years to build. A blog involves putting your thoughts out into the world. And a new career path can be terrifying because you’ll be influenced by your choices for the rest of your life.

Looking at this, it’s easy to freeze up. There is no definitive starting point (or end point). There are no orientation classes. There is no one to really guide you.

I see two ways to break this deadlock. And they might come as a surprise:

  1. Don’t think too much about it. Don’t plan. This sounds counter intuitive, but trying to plan every move keeps you in a paralyzed state. Plus, because of the uncertainty your planning is likely to be wrong anyway. With my first business, we spent 8 months planning, and when we eventually launched we realized that our planning had been futile
  2. Do it right now. Thinking of a new career? Apply for a job in that career right now. Thinking of starting a logistics business? Go find a customer. Thinking of blogging? Write a post now and share it somewhere. You don’t need a website or to register your company. Do it now

As you do these two things you will begin to discover the areas you need to work on, the things you need to do. You’ll begin doing them. You’ll improve. You’ll build your dream.

And then you won’t even be thinking about the start anymore, because you’ll be right in it. 

What are you waiting for?

Image is from the day I decided to start the blog, my birthday last year 🙂

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