As we get older, more and more things become demanding of our time.

Work. Family. Friends. Health. Studying. Holidays. Admin

We tend to say that we have less time available as we get older. And that’s true in a way, because much of your time is pre allocated to certain tasks.

But also, there is time that is available for us to allocate. And saying that we don’t have time for “X” or “Y” is simply saying that we don’t prioritize it.

If you prioritize your friendships, and set aside specific time for them, then you will see the friends more often. But if you would rather prioritize your relationship, that’s fine too.

We just need to realise that these aren’t automatic. There are more things that fill up our time, but we still have the autonomy to decide where to allocate it.

Image is of  a stand at the Hout Bay market 🙂

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