Over the past few months I’ve gotten better at speaking up for what I want. This might sound simple, but most people are bad at disclosing what they are desiring.

Examples of this might be emailing a supervisor for help, telling someone you’re attracted to them, asking a waiter for extra bread or getting a friend to take you to the airport.

The reason I’ve historically struggled with these things is that I try and predict what the other person will think, feel or say to my request. And, inadvertently, my prediction is that they’d be negatively impacted.

But in reality, this might not be the case. And if they can’t or don’t want to meet the request, they can also say no.

By speaking up, we release ourselves (and the other person) from our imagination.

And we either get what we want, or we don’t and can move on.

Image is of  Noordhoek, as seen from Chapman’s peak drive

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