A combination of FOMO and not wanting to let people down used to drive me to go to events that I wasn’t happy to be going to. I’d often sacrifice desperately needed “me time” to make it happen. And if I was to bail, I would make up a complex excuse as to why I couldn’t make it.


But over the last year or so I’ve stopped caring as much. I’ve begun to realise that it is much more important to set boundaries. Claiming “me time” is not selfish, it’s essential.

I do still feel some guilt sometimes, though I’ve become used to managing it.

The happiness of others is important. But your own mental health and well being are more important, and it’s okay to turn people down.

(Quick shoutout to my uncle Massimo for being my co-pilot this week)

Image was taken at the waterfront today. A candy floss store opened up next to the ice cream sandwich place. My risk of diabetes just doubled

Song of the day: Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park
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