Today I was walking with a group of friends, most of whom didn’t know each other. But there was a single connecting factor between all of us: the University of Cape Town.

As I head towards the final chapter in my UCT career I’ll begin writing more reflective blog posts about this institution. Some will be critiques, some will be praises. Some will be personal, some will be institutional. And some will explore the current strategies, leadership and developmental pathway of the University.

I have lots to say about the place I’ve been a part of for almost 7 years. And I’ll get there. But today I took a moment to notice how much I’d learnt and grown here. How much I had changed. And how almost all my friends are linked to UCT in some ways.

I realised that in many ways, this was where it all began.

Image is of Sarah Baartman Hall (formerly Jameson Hall) on Christmas Day last year


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