The week between Christmas day and New Year is a bit odd.

The frenzy of work and the chaos before Christmas has died down.

But the excitement of the New Year is yet to begin.

It’s the twilight zone, the Sunday evening, the no mans land of the year.

This period has becoming really important to me as a time of reflection. It’s when I consolidate the year, think through my accomplishments and my shortfalls and set goals for the year to come.

The Year Summary

Part of this is my annual “Year Summary” which I have compiled since 2012. In it, I list my favourite moments, songs, achievements and people from the year. I summarise each month and then reflect on the year as a whole.

It’s a great way to close the year off, and start with a clean slate in the year to come. It’s also wonderful to look back on a few years down the line.

Bring on the week of reflection!

Image is of Lions Head as seen from the patio where we had Christmas lunch this afternoon 🙂


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