Warning: this is a blog about an amazing experience with an insurance company🍍. I know that sounds weird, but bear with me. You’re about to be blown away

On Tuesday this week my phone fell off the table and the screen smashed. It looked like this:


Not such a happy looking phone. I took it down to the WeFix at the Waterfront at about 1pm and they had it fixed by 4pm. And the replacement cost was R750

When I got home, I opened up my Pineapple app. And within 15min I had already been paid my insurance claim. It blew my mind.

What’s a Pineapple?

So for context, Pineapple is a tech startup that’s aimed at disrupting the insurance industry. I’ve been following them online for about a year, but got much closer to the team when my brother joined the company as a programmer last month. And a friend of mine, Sizwe, is also working there.

Pineapple’s story goes like this:

The Pineapple founding team (Matthew Elan Smith, Ndabenhle Junior Ngulube and Marnus van Heerden) got together as part of an innovation competition run by Hannover-Re, during 2016, in an effort to find disruptive models to the reinsurance/insurance space. The competition ran for 6 months and it was out of our little innovation spot in Rosebank, Johannesburg where the Pineapple story begins.

They set out to reinvent the way insurance is done with an entirely new business model that aims to achieve affinity, fairness and simplicity to decrease costs, cap profits and deter fraud in an effort to create more value from an insurance policy than the traditional model.

(For more of the story, visit the Pineapple site)

So they’ve recently started doing demos of their app and I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the testers. And it has been awesome.

To set up insurance on any item (I’ve insured my headphones, iPad and iPhone), all you do is take a picture of it and state the insured amount. The app detects what kind of device it is, gives you an insurance quote and then BAM… you’re covered.

And the insurance claim process was just as simple. I uploaded a picture of my phone on the app, sent a voice note to describe what happened, ticked a few boxes and next thing I’d been paid out.

The entire process of setting up my insurance was nearly instant. And my claim was paid out in 15min without having to sit on the phone once.


I also now hold the title of first claimant on the Pineapple system. Which is like being the best clumsy kid. It’s a title I hold with pride.

I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but I really really love my insurance. And this team are going to completely revolutionize the industry.

The app is set to launch in the next few months, and I’ll be sure to write a blog about it when it does. For now, you can follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram)

Thanks again to Pineapple, you’re all so awesome 🍍


Image is of the team, taken on my brother’s first day 🙂

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