“There’s a storyline in our mind about what we’re capable of and what our situation is. We create a framework which is liveable, and often that framework is quite limiting. We don’t see what’s outside of that.”

This quote comes from the Headspace session I did today. It came at just the right time, because I spent the day being really frustrated with myself.

I’d set up a storyline for how my day was meant to go. A framework of sorts, with what I was able to and should be doing. And it got derailed pretty early on in the day. And the more I tried to fight it, the more difficult it was to get out of it.

I’ve seen this happen with with me and some of my friends, especially over the holiday period. There are a whole bunch of things that we want to get done, from sorting out admin to starting new projects.

We produce threads around ourselves around what we should be doing. We weave webs of expectations. We make a netting that’s supposed to guide us.

But we sometimes get tangled in it.

And it’s hard to realise when we have.

And the only way get untangled is to take some space and realise that this web is our own fabrication. That we can question the assumptions and decide which threads should be there and which we should cut.

I know that meditation helps gain that perspective, and that is part of the reason that it is my one single new years resolution.

I got quite badly tangled today, but I’m learning to identify is quicker. And hopefully I’ll get better at untangling it too.

Image was taken on a run sometime last year. The trees seem to meet at the top like a web, with the mountain peaking out behind.


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Thesis update: did my consulting project work today, so nothing to report on the thesis


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