My current momentum around my thesis work has been phenomenal. It’s become easier to get into the rhythm of work and be consistently productive.

Because of this, there is a temptation to work at every possible moment. To work at full speed all the time.

But I’ve realized though that this could push me into burnout. Like running your fastest miles in the middle of a marathon and then not making it to the end.

Part of keeping the momentum is putting my foot on the peddle. But equally, I need to know when to take it off.

In doing so, I hope I’ll sustain the momentum all the way to the finish line.

Image was taken on upper campus this afternoon. At one point in my varsity career I worked at that tent there 🙂

Song of the day: SoundLiner  - Talisman (Cairn Remix) 
Thesis update: really productive day despite a few disruptions 
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