Sunflowers: people that actively try reach for something better. They look after everyone and make life more enjoyable.

Cactuses: people that are prickly and abrasive. They only take for themselves.

We all know people in both groups. We’ve all been one or the other at some point. But some people are overwhelmingly sunflowers, and some are unashamedly cactuses.

When the sunflowers are together, they flourish. They’re constantly giving and looking out for each other. But a single cactus can ruin all the sunflowers.

And so the sunflowers must protect themselves from the cactuses. They need to learn to shine in the presence of other sunflowers, and to fight for their space when the cactuses are around.

And as much as the sunflowers need to look after everyone else, they need to look after themselves when the cactuses are around.

A Floral Metaphor

This little metaphor is based on a bunch of conversations I had today with Massimo, Jared and Torie. And it was inspired by the garden (as seen in the picture) at Babylonstoren in Franshoek.

Although the analogy is quite fluffy, the message is simply about givers and takers. People who give, our sunflowers, thrive when they’re with other givers. But a person who is a taker will exhaust them, eventually leaving them with nothing left to give

As much as it’s difficult for the giver, there are times when they need to protect themselves from this. And make sure they’re okay before trying to fix the world around them

So be a sunflower. Just make sure to protect yourself from the cactuses.

Image was taken at Babylonstoren today. Had a wonderful outing with family from overseas and my uncle Maxi 🙂

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