We all know about the Sunday blues. They sound like the theme music from Carte Blanche and taste like day old leftovers. It feels like a weight that sits heavy on your chest, until you are released from it by a deep sleep.

One of the key reasons that we use to explain Sunday blues is that the weekend is over and that we have to work the next day.

And I can understand this if you absolutely hate your job. (In which case, you should probably get out of it)

But I think that Sunday blues are more than that. I think that they’re likely the lack of flow that comes about on a Sunday evening. 

There’s no work to do, you’ve finished all your Sunday plans and exhausted your entertainment options. Now, all that’s left is to wait for the next day.

So the solution to beating the Sunday blues is easy. Bring in other colours and find things that excite you. Have a regular event, like a Sunday dinner, or a hobby to bring you through the evening.

The reason you’re feeling blue is that you’re probably just bored. So take the opportunity to find something great to do

Image is of a rainbow, taken from our flat 🙂

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