It’s 1.34am and I’m busy editing the final draft of one of my consulting reports. (I should probably have done this earlier in the weekend but I was taking time off). I have feedback from two stakeholders which I am incorporating into the final draft. And whats interesting is the difference in the errors that are picked up.

This draft has been looked at a number of times. My boss checked through it completely. I did the same and then checked it again before sending it. It then went to the stakeholders and they’ve picked up further corrections. But the errors they picked up on are different and they rarely seem to pick up the same error.

In fairness it is a 52 page, 18000 word report. But it’s also interesting to see how much we miss. By the time my boss looks at it tomorrow it will have been proof read 7 or 8 times. And there are still likely to be errors.

Many eyes see

I brought up the concept of bias in my lecture last week. And although it doesn’t relate to this exactly, biases are also blind spots.

We have many blindspots we are unaware of. They may be blindspots of knowledge or judgement. They may be blindspots to certain errors.

But by looking at it from different angles and taking everyone’s perspective into account we are able to iron out the errors. To shine a light on the gaps and patch them up.

And the final result is a more complete, more polished product. Whatever that might be.

Image is of the Australian prime minister criticising the Aussie team for cheating. Shame.

Song of the day: I Dare You - The XX
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