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On Saturday we went to a little Italian restaurant in Woodstock called “Pesce Azzurro” where we experienced some incredible seafood and pasta. Throughout the meal, we chatted to the chef in Italian. We made jokes about various places in Italy and reminisced about some Italian things.

If you’d seen us chatting to him, you’d think we were long time family friends.

But in actual fact, we have only met him twice before.

And that’s the magic of having something in common, particularly when that something is fairly rare.

This extends to meeting fellow Zimbabweans, people from my old schools, supporters of the same football team and even South Africans when I’m overseas.

The magic of having something in common is that you have a shared experience. And shared experience is a fundamental component of friendship (that, and time).

It’s an instant connection, regardless of if you ever knew each other. Common experience enables the rapid creation of friendship.

Image is of the peri-peri prawn pasta we had at the restaurant

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