This evening I met up with my great uncle for dinner (he’s my mum’s uncle or my gran’s brother. He’s also actually pretty great. He’s also know as our muncle, as he’s a monk and our uncle). We had an in depth discussion around having an impact on the world and the decisions that lead us to this. And a theme that emerged from this discussion was around choices.

Obviously we make hundreds of choices every day. These might include what to eat, what route to take to work or what things to check off our to do list. And many of these choices are insignificant. They have no sustained impact on your life.

But many of these little choices ultimately direct the big picture of your life. They may be a fundamental component to the habits you build, shape your career path or negatively/positively impact your health. Some choices are harmless, but some have real world consequences.

Reflecting on these choices

I told my uncle about my blog and how I write every single night. His observation linked back to this idea of choices. Every night I am able to reflect on the choices I made that day. I’m able to unpack the influence that these might have had on my life.

In doing this, I am able to have a greater awareness of my choices. And therefore, I’m able to direct them better.

So by reflecting every day, I’m able to improve the choices I make in the future and understand those made in my immediate past. And ultimately, have greater control over the direction of my life.

Image was taken at dinner with my great uncle

Song of the day: Feeling Groovy - Simon and Garfunkel
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