Today is the 100th post of my #365of25 challenge. It’s kinda surreal to think that I have written and published a post, 100 days in a row, without fail.

Some days it’s been really easy to do. I’ll make an observation or experience something and it’ll flow into a post. Some days I’ll lie in bed, with absolutely no idea what I’m going to say. Yet I’ve managed to stick to it.

I’ve written some posts in rather odd spots. Two have been done while in an Uber. A couple have been written while in an airport. And one was written while at a nightclub in Greenpoint.

My posts have also been read all over the world. Looking at the stats this evening, the posts have been read in 44 countries. The countries with the most hits are South Africa, USA, UK and Australia. And there have been readers in countries such as Taiwan, Norway, Oman, Tanzania, Japan, Sri Lanka and Azerbaijan. In total, there have been over 4000 views and 1500 visitors to the site.

Throw the fears

My first post on this site, which was before my #365of25 challenge, was titled “Throw the Fears“. In it, I talked about how we can train ourselves to overcome the fears that are holding us back.

I think that this is exactly what I’ve been able to do with this blog. I used to be so scared of sharing my thoughts and my writing. Anytime I did, it would take me ages to put together the right words and I’d always get nervous to send it into the world.

But now, I’ve been able to train myself away from that. I can convert my thoughts into writing much more easily, and I am no longer worried about sharing them with others.

It’s been a really special journey over the last few months. And I’m really excited to continue growing and developing.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who reads this blog frequently. You’ve provided me with so much motivation and support, and made this experience even more worth while.

100 down, 265 to go!

Image was taken on the Sea Point Prom during my afternoon ride. I know I post pictures of it often, but it really is such a special space for me 🙂

Song of the day: Sunshine - POWERS
Blog 100/365. Read more about my #365of25 journey here

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