When I sit down to write my blogs in the evening, I’m often surprised at how many of my thoughts are recurrent. There are similar ideas that pop up again and again, and I sometimes have to check that I haven’t written about them before.

Reflecting on this, I realised that much of my environment and belief system exists on a handful of concepts and thoughts. And my days are often reflective and reinforcing of these thoughts.

So based on this, there are two important things to remember. Firstly, we need to take our thoughts to first princles. We might hold on to them dearly without checking if they are founded on truth

Secondly, we need to get out of our echo chambers as much as we can. To understand what’s going on outside of our bumble, and update our understanding accordingly.

There’s nothing wrong with having recurrent thoughts and philosophies. Just unpack them every now and again to see if they’re still valid 🙂

Image was taken in the canals at the Cape Town conference centre

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