During a discussion today, I noticed that the person I was speaking to was basing his decisions on his own truth. It seems obvious to do this. You go with what you believe to be true. And this is fine.

However, when presented with evidence that his truth had limitations (and in some cases was wrong) he refused to change his point of view. In fact, he wasn’t even recognising the evidence presented to him.

I think the reason for this is that he wanted his truth to be the actual true. It was clear he was passionate about it and had spent significant time working on it.

In doing this, he might convince himself and people around him to follow his vision. But this might ultimately lead to poor decision making and eventual failure.

Don’t hold on too tightly

Holding on to our truths is instinctive. If we update them, there are many things that are based on them that would need to be changed.

However, we need to realise that these are sunk costs. It might hurt to start off with. But by updating our truths, we align our personal reality to actual reality. Which means that our decisions, actions and results are based on a better foundation, and therefore more likely to succeed.

So don’t hold on to your truths too tightly. Let them exist, but should they be in conflict with the outside world, examine them, analyse them and have the courage to update them.

Image is of my cappuccino at Truth this morning. Still blows my mind how good their coffee is. And yes, the theme of this blog is a play on the Truth Coffee

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