When I was in grade 7 I looked at high school kids and wondered how the hell they did it. Their world was so vast, so scary, yet they still managed it.

The same applied at the end of high school. I saw the students at university and wondered how they coped. Their lives seemed unbelievably complex, and they didn’t have parents around to help them navigate that.

In both cases, the move across from junior school to high school and high school to university were terrifying. It was a whole new playing field. It was a big deal.

But in reality it was only a big deal for the first few weeks. After that, I got into the rhythm of things and it was manageable. Suddenly, the most complicated looking environment was my natural habitat.

Not that big a deal

This pattern repeats itself throughout our lives. Every next step seems unsurmountable until we get there. And once we’re there we adjust to it and it becomes the new normal.

At the moment, things like marriage, owning my own place and having a job with significant responsibility seem incomprehensible. But I know that one day I will potentially have all of these. And I’ll realise that they’re not that big a deal.

Image was taken on Friday at the Waterfront 🙂

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