This week I’ll be traveling to Pretoria for my consulting work. It’s going to be quite difficult write full blog posts over that time. So for the next few days I’ll be sharing some tips and lessons I’ve learnt from teaching at UCT. I’ve taught as a tutor, an assistant lecturer and as a lecturer for 4 years. It’s been an incredible journey and I know that this is only the start.

Lecturing Lesson #1: Names

When I used to tutor there would be 30 or 40 students at a time, and I’d usually have two or three classes. And in the strategic thinking course there are around 500 students in total.

Learning names is quite a daunting task. And it’s really easy to get by without learning them. No one expects you to know their name.

But I find it’s one of the easiest ways to connect with students. As soon as you know their names, they tend to be more responsive and attentive, which makes teaching easier.

Obviously I sometimes forget names, but I’ve got two sneaky techniques if I do:

  1. Check the online portal– it might take a bit of scrolling, but all their names and pictures are available on the course tab
  2. Get them to send me an email– promise to follow up if they send an email and then you have their name on record

Again, knowing someone’s name is nothing extraordinary. But in a sea of people, when you’re sometimes just reduced to a student number, it can really make a difference

Image is from the finals of the Oxford Global Challenge in the Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre at the Saïd Business School

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