I remember a scene in “The Matrix” where Trinity and Neo come across a helicopter. Neo asks Trinity if she can fly it and she replies with “not yet” and proceeds to call the operator. She asks for a pilot program for a B-212 helicopter, which the operator is able to find. He uploads it to her and she is able to learn the commands instantly.

“Let’s go” she says to Neo as they hop in the helicopter and fly away.

Learn Instantly

At the time I thought that having something uploaded to your brain like that would be one of the most astonishing abilities.

  • Wanna learn karate? Done
  • Need to learn quantum physics? Sorted
  • Going to China and need to speak the language? įŽ€æ˜“!

If Elon Musk has his way, this might be a not to distant reality, thanks to things like Neuralink.

But we’re actually kind of living in an age like that anyway. With access to high speed internet, it is possible to learn anything we want, whenever we want to. It takes a little longer than it does in the matrix, but it’s still possible.

For example, today I needed to change the battery in my car. I had never done something like that before. But on the way back from the battery centre I read two articles and watched a sort YouTube video.

And bam! I had learnt how to do it myself.

I’m basically a mechanic now.

Learning to leverage

We have access to more knowledge than we can ever comprehend. Knowledge used to be one of the most valuable assets. But it’s becoming more open and more free.

It’s now about being able to acquire that knowledge quickly, leverage it and apply it.

You can learn to do anything. So what are you waiting for?

Image was taken this afternoon on my run 🙂 first time I’ve run in a while and I managed 10km. Was aiming for 20km but my knee started giving me problems

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