Committing to writing a blog post every day has had some really unexpected benefits. As discussed in a previous post, one of these benefits is that I constantly reflect on my learnings throughout the day to find something to write about.

Another benefit that I realized today is that it has forced me to let go of perfection. Because I’m sending out a post every day, some might not meet my own standards.

Sometimes it feels like I should write more in depth, more thought through work. But I have to shake this feeling. I have to allow myself to feel uncomfortable.

It’s scary. But it’s getting easier. The momentum behind writing every day is pushing me to be more confident in my writing ability and in myself.

And I’m regularly surprised when people enjoy a post when I was uncertain about it.

So even if it isn’t perfect…

Just hit “publish”

Image was taken on a walk down the Liesbeek River today.

This post was inspired by Seth Godins blog today, which you can find here

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