Today when I woke up, I had a fluttering thought that the day would be awesome. So I decided it was going to be.

And it was.

I don’t have this thought often. In fact, I never force myself to have it. It happens entirely spontaneously every now and again. As I’m waking up, the thought drifts by and I decide that it shall be so.

Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of amazing days regardless of whether I have this thought in the morning. But this thought feels almost like a guaranteed awesome day.

It also isn’t just unrelenting positivity. I’m not a very big fan of that. Positivity is often used to gloss over deeper issues. It has a fakeness to it that can be quite irritating, and it is difficult to maintain under stress.

But I don’t consider this little fluttering thought to be an act of positivity. Instead, it feels like a tiny, once off gift. I get to use it for the day, and nothing can derail it.

It might have been true from the start. It might have been a self fulfilling prophecy. But either way

Today was awesome.

Image is from tonight’s amazing dinner at Andalousse Moroccan Cuisine. Went with a few Masters friends had such a wholesome and enjoyable time


Thesis update: had an amazing finding in my data and found literature to support it!!!
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