One of the reasons I love going to conferences and events is because of the people I get to meet there. These conferences bring together people with similar passions and interests. They unite fellow sparks under one banner.

Last year I went to three major conference and at each of these events, the speakers were fantastic. But what I really got out of the events were deep and long lasting connections. And it’s with these people that I am and will continue to collaborate with. And we’re going to change the world together.

One of the people that I met at BYM is Nondumiso. She’s written a brilliant article on her experience of another prestigious event, the Queens Young Leaders. To close off this blog post, here is the last bit of her article:

Whatever your passion is, start small and collaborate

If not us, then who? And if not now, then when?

Alone, one only gets so far. Together we get a lot further and have a lot more impact.

If you intend to do good in the world, and your passion fuels you, you will do good.

If your intentions are shared with like-minded people and your passion unites, it is amazing what we can all achieve together.

Nondumiso Hlophe (Read the full post here)

Image is from the Brightest Young Minds conference in September last year 🙂 Nondumiso is the third person from the left

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